NEW RELEASE: Bellevue...a natural linen look plain fabric with an Easy Clean stain repellent finish!


Your Wortley Commecial Folder contains a broad selection of commercial fabrics and vinyls suitable for commercial upholstery, screens and drapery applications.

Please find below links to each sample card as a pdf, as well as various test results.

If you need any more information on any of the products, please don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or email us.


View the Access Collection

Access Sample Card

Access 1530.3 Test Certificate

Access & Principal Plus

Access & Principal Plus Sample Card


View the Cashmere Collection

Cashmere Sample Card

Echo & Space

View the Echo & Space Collection

Echo & Space Sample Card

Echo and Space 1530.3 Test Certificate


View the Genova Collection

Genova Sample Card

Luna & Space

View the Luna & Space Collection

Luna and Space Sample Card

Luna and Space 1530.3 Test Certificate


View the Maison Collection

Maison Sample Card

Principal Plus

View the Principal Plus Collection

Principal Plus Sample Card


View the Resort Collection

Resort Sample Card

Sheer Delight

View Sheer Delight Collection

Sheer Delight Sample Card

Soft Touch

Soft Touch Sample Card


View the Tekno Collection

Tekno Sample Card

Tekno 1530.3 Test


View the Tuscan Collection

Tuscan Sample Card


View the Urban Collection

Urban Sample Card

Wortley Barrier Plus

Wortley Barrier Plus - Moisture Protection

Barrier Plus PDF