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Laura Kirar

The much anticipated release of Laura Kirar for Highland Court is a collection of luxurious and exclusive designer fabrics.

Classically trained as a fine artist, internationally renowned designer Laura Kirar approaches each day, each project and each collection as an opportunity to both express aesthetic messages and challenge technical and material norms in whatever medium she works.  Inspired by 20 years of artistic experiments, collaborations, world travels, and drawing and photographing both urban and natural environments, Kirar is pleased to introduce her first sumptuous fabric collection for Highland Court.   The collection is an expression of her modern vision for texture, scale and color narrated in fabric; an elegant, confident and colorful story of prints and wovens.Laura Kirar is extremely hands on as a designer, and her work for Highland Court was without exception. 

Many of the 159 woven patterns and prints are original artworks developed directly from Kirar’s sketchbook.  Her specific color vision, outlined early in the process, was carefully honed, requiring the custom dying of new yarns and new color combinations.  A complete interior lies within each color book, yielding a multitude of possibilities when combining colors and neutrals.  The result is a four color book set that is as dramatic in color as they are rich in texture.