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Featuring a 100% pure Polyurethane surface, Plush tests the boundaries of coated fabric perfomance. A truly unique product that is bleach, acetone and alcohol resistant, perfect for healthcare environments. Developed with four way stretch, Plush can be applied to any furniture shape without restriction. Its durability makes this product ideal for high traffic areas, yet is completely bio-degradable!

Austex's commitment to quality is not limited to the performance of their products but extends to the concerns of the environment. Plush is a greener alternative to vinyl (PVC) and leather both in production and aftercare. The unique manufacturing process is like no other synthetic on the market. The ultimate textile choice with outstanding performance in high traffic areas.

Roll Length: 30m
Roll Width: 1370mm
Gauge: 1.0mm

85% High Density Polyurethane (H.D.P.U.) 15% Polyester

Test method AS 2001.2.25 (12 kPa pressure)
Martindale 100,000+ rubs
(No significant wear)

A stain resistant barrier that enables the fabric to be steam or bleach cleanable

Meets F.R. standards for use in commercial areas:
F.R. properties: Tested to Australian standards (AS 1530.3)
Spread of flame: 0
Smoke developed: 5
AS/NZS 3837
*Fire test certificates available upon request

Greenguard barrier protects against microbial and bacterial growth.
Greenguard allows the surface to be disinfected by using 1:10 bleach solution

Plush is certified as low VOC and will not negatively impact air quality, making it a great choice for indoor use.

Plush is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Light fastness rating: 6 - 7
ISO 105-B02-1994 (Grey scale 1-5)

Suitable for heavy commercial upholstery, healthcare and screens.
No solvent based glues are to be used in the upholstery process.
Water based glue is recommended


Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the appearance of the fabric and to prevent buildup of dirt and contaminants. Most stains can be cleaned using warm soapy water followed by clean water rinsing. Stubborn stains - for best results, treat all stains immediately. Wipe stain with cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol, rinse with clean water to remove any residual cleaning agent and let dry.