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Access Martindale

Access is one of our best performing commercial upholsteries and is strongly supported in the industry.

Our standard policy is to test to 50,000 Martindale rubs as there is no reason to go beyond this figure as a basis of performance and wear. In recent years, we have heard specifiers requiring higher Martindale results…….so we requested AWTA to retest Access to ensure that it qualifies for ALL possible Martindale specification demands.

The result was 175,000 Martindale rubs……175,000 rubs!

Click here to download the Test Certificate as a pdf.

So you can specify Access with total confidence that it not only will perform, but also meet even the most stringent minimum Martindale requirements.

Heavily stocked in our Melbourne warehouse, and AS1530.3 compliant, Access offers a high performance upholstery or screen solution at a remarkable price point.

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